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"Let us open our hearts and liberate our wallets!" - Wendell Berry

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Kentucky Author and Farmer, Wendell Berry, shared these caring words with his gift:

Appalshop has made a substantial improvement in the fortune and fate of its region. No institution has done more to enhance the self-awareness and self-respect of Eastern Kentucky and all of Appalachia. Before Appalshop there was only a great need for it that had become obvious to its founders. Without it, now, its region would be incomplete and more endangered.

So neighborly an enterprise may not be adequately appreciated and supported in so unneighborly a time as this. To fulfill the dreams of Appalshop it may depend more than ever upon the responsibility and support of mere citizens. Friends! Let us open our hearts and liberate our wallets!

Wendell Berry

Kentucky Author & Farmer

Photograph by Guy Mendes

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