of art & media in the mountains since 1969 — now solar powered!

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Support the largest single body of creative work about Appalachia!

We started making films in 1969, and 50 years later we're still making art & media about Appalachia today.

It takes resources to sustain the kind of community hub we've built, and to document and revitalize the traditions & creativity of the people of these mountains.

We tell stories that commercial industries don’t tell. We challenge stereotypes with Appalachian voices — and we do it all with artists who are from and committed to this region.

Support Appalachians by supporting our radio station, theater, public art gallery, record label, professional archive, filmmaking institute, and community development program — all of which pass the mic directly to the people in the mountains we've called home for 50 years.

We're asking you to make a gift today to ensure that we'll be here for another 50.

We've already celebrated our 50th anniversary everywhere from the Library of Congress to Kentucky's largest art museum. And we've brought Appalshop alumni back to downtown Whitesburg, Kentucky, where we just installed the largest renewable energy system in Eastern Kentucky, our new solar stage.

Celebrate with us. Support our work. Learn about our history. Host an Appalshop 50th celebration. Plan a legacy gift. Take your Appalshop seat!