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Appalshop's "Southerner of the Year"

I was honored recently to see Appalshop's work recognized when I was named one of 60 "Southerners of the Year" by Southern Living. Both of my eastern Kentucky grandmothers had Southern Living on their shelves and tables for recipes, patterns, and advice. Decades later, Appalshop, here in Whitesburg, KY, is featured. For all of you who know Appalshop, I think this means we've crossed a threshold.

Appalshop is no longer just an experiment. It is no longer a dream that young people in the hills were trying to accomplish. Instead, it's a success! We are a place where new ideas are brought, developed, challenged and explored. Your generous support has helped us get here.

This year, for instance, donors like you enabled Appalshop to host Girls Rock Camp, the first rural Southern location for this national alliance; and to co-launch All Access EKY, an initiative to build education and support for reproductive rights by working with local youth. I'm proud to see our community sustain responsive programming that honors and empowers women, girls, and LGBTQ communities in the coalfields. This is the best of the Appalshop I have come to know: its commitment to amplifying those who are often unseen or unheard to create the solutions we all need.

This work hasn't existed in a silo. Appalshop relies on those of you near and far to help us flourish through your teachings, time, and care. We appreciate all you've done for Appalshop, and hope you will donate now and help us continue along the path we have laid together.

As we approach our 50th Anniversary, please come see us here in Whitesburg. Or host us where you live! Let's talk about who else should be named a Southerner of the Year.


Ada Smith, Development Director

Artwork by Sam McKinney for Nate Polly's 2018 June Appal Release

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